Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ronaldo hints at Manchester United Going

MADRID - After the news about coach Jose Mourinho, who will move to the Premier League from Real Madrid. Now turn to Cristiano Ronaldo who is rumored to be returning to England and joined with Manchester United

As reported by The Sunday Express, Tuesday (02/07/2012), Ronaldo was considering a plan to return to the Premier League and make the reunion with his former club.

The news came to light after the Portugal players get a jeers by the fans of El Real some time ago. The fans are usually called by Madridista it was considered that the lack of loyalty to the club Ronaldo is his favorite.

Although, now the relationship between fans and players have started to improve, because Madrid has had a great chance of winning the league this season, Ronaldo did not make it necessarily forget the incident.

The player was said to have nicknamed CR7-unegnya uneg vent to his friend, that Ronaldo's dream for this (to join Madrid) has been tarnished by what he has got lately.

Not only that, the player who just turned age to 27 years on Sunday reportedly complained kesahnya always bubbling up to the family. He claimed to miss the atmosphere at Old Trafford which is the headquarters of the Red Devils and also with former colleagues there.

Longing is especially indicated kepad manager Sir Alex Ferguson which had been regarded as the father himself. As is known, move Ronaldo from United to Real Madrid has broken the world record transfer fee of 80 million pounds.


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