Monday, July 4, 2011

Do not Blame Messi, but his team mate!

BUENOS AIRES - Lionel Messi had another rush defense following the criticism addressed to him. Is President of the Argentine Football Federation (AFA), Julio Grondona, who is behind the Messiah.

Messi often become the target of criticism when he could not transform the appearance apiknya with Barcelona when costumed Argentina. It happened again when Argentina failed to reap the full amount for Bolivia in Copa America opening match at the weekend.

However, Grondona claimed Messi is not a figure who deserves blame for the results achieved minor Argentina. "Messi was never a bad play. People who are around it is to blame. Lionel played backwards to find the ball because he did not get it from his colleagues, "said Grondona.

The Supremo also began calculating odds host the champion. Grondona believes Albiceleste could rise after a negative result against Bolivia.

"I still have hope. I do not like a goalless draw, but the 1-1 result was not too bad. We played with heart. Everything is the same in football, "he said, quoted by Goal, Tuesday (07/05/2011).

"It's hard to play the inaugural match against a team who never give up," close as encouraging fans Grondona of Argentina.

Albiceleste will face Colombia in the second group stage, on 7 July.!


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