Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Return Draw, Conte Still Proud

BOLOGNA - Juventus back to get a draw for the 13th time this season, the party had no problem showing the game Bianconeri. But for the coach, Antonio Conte Juve did not lose momentum.
Conte's words confirm that the Bianconeri are not in a state hit hard, after a draw into a routine of food each week for children Conte care of this.
"I did not ask for much more to the players. As usual when we face Chievo, we played very well with the face of opponents who lenih organized, "said Conte, as reported by Football-Italy, Thursday (03/08/2012).
Former Siena coach lamented that his team did not win, even though the players look good and have lots of opportunities. To be honest Conte understood that the retainer hate Juve draw this.
"After the Bologna goal, they shut up and try to counterattack with three of them are dangerous. I'm happy for Mirko Vucinic goal, because now he could feel a little pressure, "he continued.
With these results fail to match these points Juve held AC Milan at the top. They can only close the gap to two points only, Juve pack 52 points, while Milan leads with 54 points.
"I think we dropped TIDA, not at all. I think baseball talking about that Juve lost momentum after this match. We are proud today we can count the great players. If we managed to win the scudetto, it will be a miracle and it will make us very happy, "he said.


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