Monday, March 5, 2012

AVB Victims 'Iron Fist' Abramovich

Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich big again showed his nature as a worthy dubbed 'the iron fist'. It is not separated decision Andre Villas Boas ejecting position (AVB) as Chelsea coach.
Sunday, March 4, 2012 to the end of his career Andre Villas Boas at Stamford Bridge. 0-1 defeat suffered by the Blues from West Bromwich Albion mediocre team to a climax patience Abramovich. This is the seventh defeat of the Blues in the Premier League.
The Russian oil tycoon with ambitions to create 'super team' in this instant of time AVB was finally ejected from office. AVB became the eighth coach to experience the 'iron fist' Abramovich who controls Chelsea since 2000.
Recorded, in just over eight months of the Portuguese coach gets a chance to show of skill. Unfortunately, inconsistencies in the appearance of the displayed 34-year coach is not enough to satisfy the big boss.
Since appointed to replace Carlo Ancelotti on June 22, 2011 and, AVB many people predicted would not last long at Stamford Bridge. In addition because of a very young age to the size of a coach, AVB is also considered to have not had enough experience to coached team like the Blues who have big ambitions.
Abramovich has been accused of 'gambling' because entrust the fate of his team in the hands of coaches who have yet to prove its capacity. Moreover, AVB was recruited by the dowry is high enough (15 million euros) with a release clause of the contract which is quite expensive 13.3 million pounds. Allegations of a 'blunder' was often addressed to Abramovich.
And many of the predictions that were proven true. AVB that comes with a capital 'treble winners' in Porto just fizzled out in Chelsea. Intense competition in the Premier League and the tight schedule makes AVB were unable to show his best.
Since coming, AVB has recorded 40 games to lead the Blues. The result, he was only able to bring 19 wins, 11 draws and 10 defeats. Overall, AVB just recorded a win ratio of 47.50 percent, or the worst of the seven previous coach.
These results are practically threatened Chelsea failed to win a trophy this season. In the arena of the Premier League, Chelsea are still scattered in the order of five to 46 points or 20 points difference from Manchester City at the top.
Thus, the opportunity to be champions Chelsea almost certainly disappear. Now, a realistic target that can be pursued to secure tikat The Blues is the Champions League (the top four positions at the end of the season).
In the arena of the Champions League, Chelsea also be faced with difficult situations. 1-3 defeat of Napoli in the last 16 first leg at the San Paolo, forcing Chelsea should be able to win 2-0 or by three goals to advance to the quarterfinals.
While in the last event, the FA Cup, Chelsea have re-cons melakoni Birmingham City in the fifth round (16), following a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge (18/2) ago.
Charts the rise and fall with AVB Chelsea many believe because of the inability of AVB in preparing the team and led his troops. It is common knowledge, when AVB was the tension involved with a number of senior Chelsea players, because the mixing rate is too rigid AVB strategy.
Frank Lampard became one of the players who reportedly did not like the coaching style of AVB is judged to make the players play like a robot. However, instead of changing the strategy, AVB would punish Lampard with often put on the bench. In fact, the fact that Lampard is the most fertile in the Chelsea players with 10 goals.
Various problems Abramovich is what ultimately led to dump AVB. Now, Chelsea appoint an assistant coach Roberto Di Matteo as a caretaker or caretaker coach until the club found a permanent coach.
Di Matteo, the fact the former pillars of Chelsea in the period 1996-2002 will be diving menahkodai first task in the game John Terry et al FA Cup fifth round replay against Birmingham City on Wednesday (03/07/2012) early morning. Can this guy 41 years to satisfy the desire 'The Iron Hand' Abramovich ..?
Here are eight coaches in the Age of Abramovich's Chelsea:Claudio Ranieri (18 September 2000-31 May 2004)Jose Mourinho (2 June 2004-20 September 2007)Avram Grant (September 21 to May 24, 2008)Luiz Felipe Scolari (1 July 2008 - February 9, 2009)Ray Wilkins (9 February 2009 - February 15, 2009)Guus Hiddink (February 16, 2009 - May 31, 2009)Carlo Ancelotti (July 1, 2009 - May 22, 2011)Andre Villas Boas (22 June 2011-4 March 2012)


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