Monday, March 5, 2012

Aguero to Madrid, Messi Will Be Happy

BARCELONA - Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, claims will be happy when his friend, Sergio Aguero to move to Real Madrid. Messi also revealed she dreamed won the World Cup with Argentina national team squad.

Barcelona is the eternal enemies Real Madrid. Even so, Messi is a figure that puts the friendship. Companions happy, happy Messi joined, and that's why she'll be happy when Aguero moved to the mortal enemy of his team, Real Madrid, even though the consequences have to deal with Aguero.

"When he (Aguero) to go to Real Madrid then I am sure it will give him much joy. If it is the best thing for him, then I would be very happy, considering our friendship, "said Messi, as quoted by Soccerway on Monday (05/03/2012).

"I get along very well with Kun off the field and we played well together. However in the squad (Argentina) there are many good striker so we had to fight for our chances, "he added.

Messi has won all the prestigious title with Barcelona. Call it the Champions League, La Liga title, Copa del Rey trophies, to the Club World Cup trophy. Even so, there is one trophy that has not been able to Messi and it is the most coveted trophy by Messi, now this.

"I want to celebrate the World Cup title. That's what I want most though is still plenty of time to work and grow, "he said.


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