Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pep: Messi Special Day

BARCELONA - Pep Guardiola Entranador bluntly praised Lionel Messi. He said the Camp Nou is a silent witness of the mega star's special day.

Messi did appear crazy at the Camp Nou. The Argentine striker had contributed five goals against Bayer Leverkusen. Champions League defending champion with a score stunning 7-1 win (10-2).

Additional five goals, making Messi just behind the eight goals in Barca's top scorer of all time Cesar Rodriguez. Guardiola admitted impressed with the appearance of Messi is special.

"Tonight, we look at one special night of Messi. See it as getting a gift. He deserves the award because he just left behind seven goals from Cesar. Currently only 24 years old Messi, "said Guardiola.

"It's not easy to score five goals in a game and it's coming from someone who scored 11 goals in his career. If Messi wants, he could have scored six goals in one day. I also have to give praise to Iniesta, "he quoted from the official UEFA website.

With this victory, then Barca entitled to step into the quarter-finals in the past five years. Despite a busy schedule, but still able to play Messi et al stable.

"Earlier this team beat Valencia and just days we were able to beat Bayer Leverkusen, was talking about accomplishments that we achieved. We must thank all the players and staff at klundasnya.


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